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  • Wind Sports in Türkiye: How to Catch the Wind

    A little adrenaline rush never hurts the soul… You’ve been sunbathing idly with your drink for far too long - time to get up and experience the remarkable! Get yourself ready to be swept away in the wind’s direction in Türkiye’s best wind sport destinations! Türkiye offers some extreme adventures and adrenaline activities such as windsurfing and kiteboarding. The country has excellent wind and sea conditions thanks to its kilometers of shoreline, a diverse range of winds, and crystal-clear seas under warm temperatures. The force of the wind will take your breath away! Let’s explore these diverse wind sports and the best destinations to catch the wind!

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    Combining the sea with the wind, windsurfing is among the most popular wind sports in Türkiye. Basically, it’s the art of managing and taming the winds through keeping yourself steady over the sea! Especially in the summer months, Türkiye provides outstanding windsurfing conditions along its Aegean coast, which is constantly open to strong and favorable winds blowing westwards. Thanks to the convenient formation of its islands and bays, there are several perfect spots and surfing facilities for windsurfing enthusiasts.


    Located on the İzmir Peninsula, Alaçatı is the most prominent of all the windsurfing destinations in Türkiye. Though it was discovered only a few decades back, it quickly became the prime option. As the locals say, Alaçatı is a “windsurfing paradise” owing much to the way the coast nicely curls into a protected bay. It also provides an optimal setting, becoming a perfect destination for beginners and pro surfers alike. There are also many good surfing clubs and schools here where you can practice with certified instructors. What is more, it is one of the best windsurfing spots in Türkiye for beginners who are looking to improve their abilities quickly.

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    Known for its glistening waters, warm temperature, lively marinas, and upmarket tourism, Bodrum has an indisputable charm that lures many tourists and locals alike. It is also a great destination for windsurfing! The most favorable spots are near Turgutreis, Akyarlar, and Kadıkalesi. The peninsula features some of the strongest and steadiest winds in the country. If you wish, you can take lessons and meanwhile enjoy watching the local pros dancing with the winds!

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    Located in a large bay in İzmir, Akkum has some lovely beaches for windsurfing! Due to constant thermal winds blowing westward all along the Aegean, it is a remarkable spot for windsurfing. For those seeking turquoise waters and looking for an extreme adventure, Akkum is a great choice! During your vacation, the summer thermal winds promise plenty of chances of surfing days.


    A windy escapade is perhaps all you need to fill your batteries! Kiteboarding combines surfing with kitesurfing and it’s a great extreme sport that promises unforgettable moments. Hold your kite tight and let yourself smoothly glide across the glistening waters of Türkiye! Although kiteboarding can be enjoyed year-round, especially during summer, countless tourists, and locals flock to Türkiye’s Aegean and Mediterranean shorelines to savor this joy.


    With its warm and clear waters, Gökova Bay is located in Türkiye’s Muğla Province. The bay is around 3 kilometers wide, which means there’s plenty of space for every kiteboarder to enjoy! Thermal winds that blow every afternoon and around noon provide surfers with clean and consistent winds. Thanks to the shallowness of the water, you can liven things up a little by going more extreme! Gökova Bay is the perfect destination for learning to freestyle and freeride.

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    Urla is a fantastic spot to begin your kiteboarding journey! It’s located in the province of İzmir. The natural environment and the strong winds here meet all the expectations for a quality kiteboarding experience. There are also many kiteboarding schools and private courses available here. After an intense windy day, relax on the beach and watch the deep red sunset. Later, you can visit the town to chill in the laid-back cosmopolitan restaurants and local pubs of Urla.


    Antalya with its long Mediterranean coastline is noted for having some of the country's best kitesurfing conditions. The best wind for kiteboarding is from October to March. What is more, by joining the kiteboarding clubs here, you can further improve your riding skills. Antalya is also the heart of tourism in the Mediterranean region, which means you have lots of other things to do when you come out of the sea!

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    Sailing & Blue Voyages

    Sailing includes managing a boat by using the power of the wind and its direction. It’s a wonderful experience for adventurous souls! Take yourself out to sea, explore new islands, and discover the unknown corners of the Turkish Riviera. Göcek, Fethiye, Marmaris, Çeşme, and Bodrum are among the greatest destinations for an unforgettable experience with numerous unique Blue Voyage & sailing routes. Furthermore, Türkiye boasts a long sailing season that lasts from April until early November. Even in winter, it doesn’t completely stop - embark upon this remarkable journey, and we promise you’ll never forget or regret it!

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