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  • Off The Beaten Path: Muğla’s Splendid Town of Köyceğiz

    Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce a of our all-time favourite Muğla: Köyceğiz. Hit the road, open a Muğla folk songs playlist, and sing along to “Köyceğiz Yolları”! Let’s share with you the quintessential things you need to know about Köyceğiz!

    Köyceğiz is a pleasant little town located between Marmaris and Fethiye. You can reach it by a one-hour drive from Fethiye. Köyceğiz embraces a calm city philosophy, and has joined the Cittaslow cities in Türkiye. With its rich natural beauty, sweetgum forests, and citrus orchards it endows peace and serenity. Living here is easy and tranquil. Scythians, Assyrians, Ionians, Persians, Romans, and Ottomans must have known this because centuries ago they lived in this “coast of heaven.” Very shortly, you too will understand why it has earned this moniker!

    Köyceğiz is named after the nearby lake of the same name. Here, a range of mountains welcomes you on the horizon. You can walk by the lakeside, or try surfing, canoeing, or fishing.

    On the south side of Köyceğiz, Şandras Mountain rises above Gökçeova Lake. It is the highest peak of Muğla, and is suitable for hiking and winter sports. Before heading to the mountain, you can take a boat tour on the lake. On your way up the mountain, stop by Ağla Highland to take in the lush nature. The most exciting part of your trip will be the peak point known as “Çiçekbaba” - let the locals tell you why!

    Yuvarlak Çay is the site where everyone shares a picture on social media of themselves sitting on a wooden swing against a backdrop of turquoise, crystal-clear water. What else can you do here? What about challenging yourself to swim in the ice-cold water surrounded by trout?

    Are you feeling a bit chilly after Yuvarlak Çay? It is the perfect moment to visit Sultaniye Thermal Springs. The water here has been used for healing and rejuvenation since Hellenistic times, and mud baths are also available. The experience is guaranteed to be regenerative and unforgettable!

    According to ancient beliefs, the higher the tombs were placed, the closer they were to the gods. For this reason, the tombs of kings, high-ranking officials, and commanders were always placed on mountain slopes. You can see examples of such tombs in the ancient city of Kaunos. They are truly magnificent!

    Of course, Köyceğiz has a beautiful, blue bay, Ekincik Bay, which is a popular stop for yachts. In addition to swimming, there are many areas where you can hike, camp, and picnic here. If you visit Köyceğiz in springtime, don’t miss the motorcycle and cycling festivals.

    Don’t leave Köyceğiz without tasting its local delicacies. Köyceğiz is the biggest producer of citrus fruits in the Aegean region, and it is famous for its organic bazaar. Here you will find delicious, local lemons, oranges, grapefruits, mandarins, pomegranates, and much more. Locals also make mouth-watering marmalade and jams from local produce.

    Who wouldn't want to live in this earthly paradise?